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Woodcote High School

Staff Email Addresses

Name Job Title Email Address
Mr Abiona Teacher of Philosophy and Theology a.abiona@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Aldis Media & Reprographics Officer h.aldis@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Allen PA to the Headteacher l.allen@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Alyas Psychology Teacher f.alyas@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Andrews Teacher of Drama and English e.andrews@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Ashmore Head of Art l.ashmore@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Ayles Head of PE n.ayles@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Bailey Head of Food Technology S.Bailey@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Baker Teacher of Mathematics s.baker@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Beagle Teacher of Drama l.beagle@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Bird Head of Sixth Form L.Bird@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Blair Assistant Headteacher  M.Blair@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Brown Head of RE c.brown@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Browne Teaching Assistant S.Browne@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Carlile Teaching Assistant k.carlile@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Carolan Assistant Headteacher t.carolan@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Chadenga Teacher of English / 2 i/c o.chadenga@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Charlton Teaching Assistant c.charlton@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Cook Teacher of PE a.cook@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Cox Head of English h.cox@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Datoo Teacher of Science f.datoo@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Deale Assistant Headteacher R.Deale@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Downham Head of Year 7 and 2i/c of PE & Teacher of Mathematics e.downham@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Dwarka Head of Media l.dwarka@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Edwards Assistant Headteacher / Director of Sixth Form m.edwards@woodcotehigh.com
Ms El-Laibi Teacher of Mathematics n.ellaibi@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Elvin Teacher of Art J.Elvin@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Farrell Teaching Assistant I.Farrell@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Foley Head of Year 8 b.foley@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Freeman Examinations Officer a.freeman@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs French Head of MFL Department h.french@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Friend Teaching Assistant g.friend@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Frith Assistant Headteacher s.frith@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Garcia Teacher of Maths c.garcia@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Garcia Teacher of Spanish v.garcia@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Gunnell Teaching Assistant f.gunnell@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Gyebi-Ababio Lead Practitioner Computer Science c.gyebi-ababio@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Harris Teacher of MFL g.harris@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Harris Teaching Assistant n.harris@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Harrow Teacher of Music d.harrow@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Head Head of Drama / Lead Practitioner S.Head@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Hehir Teaching Assistant E.Hehir@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Henry Teacher of Business a.henry@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Hewett Teacher of Art s.hewett@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Holbrook Site Officer j.holbrook@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Hunt DT Technician n.hunt@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Jarrett Food Technology Technician j.jarrett@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Jennings Teaching Assistant t.jennings@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Jesus Chef f.jesus@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Joof Student Support Officer i.joof@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Judd English Teacher of Geography m.judd-english@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Kambuka Teacher of PSHCE, Philosophy and Theology c.kambuka@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Keefe Head of Music L.Keefe@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Kemp Head of DT r.kemp@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Khodabacksh HoD Science r.khodabacksh@woodcotehigh.com
Ms King SENDCO / Associate Assistant Headteacher a.king@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Lawless Teaching Assistant c.lawless@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Lebon Student Counsellor g.lebon@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Liddemore Head of Year 10 J.Liddemore@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Lineker Site officer s.lineker@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Lopez Head of Spanish r.lopez@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Lowe Lead Practitioner Maths t.lowe@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Mangan DT Teacher m.mangan@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Martin Cover Supervisor/ Basketball Coach d.martin@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Mathews Teacher of Mathematics C.Mathews@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Matthews HR and Finance Administration Assistant w.matthews@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Maurice Data Analyst S.Maurice@woodcotehigh.com
Mr McAtear Teacher of English j.mcatear@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Merrett Teacher of Science a.merrett@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Milne-Day Teacher of History and Geography n.milne-day@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Mitchell Head of Mathematics r.mitchell@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Norris Teaching Assistant j.norris@woodcotehigh.com
Miss O'Connell Head of Year 9 s.oconnell@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Ogunyinka Teacher of Mathematics and KS5 Mathematics Co-ordinator b.ogunyinka@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Ojjeh Teacher of Science / PSHE Lead d.ojjeh@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Osborne HR and Finance Administration Assistant k.osborne@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Pais Teacher of Dance a.pais@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Palmer Site & Service Manager, H&S Designated Competent Person D.Palmer@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Patel Deputy Headteacher pr.patel@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Patel Senior Science Technician K.Patel@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Patel Teacher of Business / Careers Coordinator t.patel@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Paterson Teaching Assistant t.paterson@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Peplow Office Manager l.peplow@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Rahim Head of Year 11 e.rahim@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Roper Teacher of Science s.roper@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Russell Head of History j.russell@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Samuel ICT Technician s.samuel@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Sharpe SEN Administrator A.Sharpe@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Sivaloganathan Teacher of Science n.sivaloganathan@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Smee Head of Biology a.smee@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Squires School Business Manager  s.squires@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Squires Teacher of Mathematics J.Squires@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Taggart Teaching Assistant M.Taggart@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Taylor Head f Geography b.taylor@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Thornton Teaching Assistant D.Thornton@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Tilly Teacher of English a.tilly@woodcotehigh.com
Mr Tollworthy Head of Computer Science A.Tollworthy@woodcotehigh.com
Miss Utting Teacher of English a.utting@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Viggiani Clerk to Governors / Company Secretary r.viggiani@woodcotehigh.com
Mrs Williamson Head of Physics and Lead Practitioner j.williamson@woodcotehigh.com
Ms Woodcock Acting Headteacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead K.Woodcock@woodcotehigh.com / head@woodcotehigh.com