Year 7 Catch-up Premium 

Literacy Catch up

We have employed a Literacy  specialist to carry out small group work with Year 7 students identified as being below the expected level for their stage based on their primary school SAT results and on their performance in a whole year group screening test which they take at Woodcote in their first week.

What actions are taken

A small group of up to 9 students is created and work in this group focuses on improving spelling, punctuation, grammar, reading accuracy and reading comprehension.. Pupils are assessed at the start of the intervention program  and at the end of each term. If a pupil makes sufficient progress then they will return to their timetabled lesson earlier.

Results of the intervention

Last year 6 pupils exceeded their expected level of progress whilst 3 pupils made marginally less progress than expected. These pupils’ progress continues to be monitored in case further intervention is required.

Year 7